Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photography


How soon will I get all my photos?

I offer a 10 day turn around on most weddings. Yup, ten days! This excludes albums and prints but those aren't far behind.

Do you offer elopement packages?

Yes I do! Contact me for information on elopement photography.

Do you offer engagement photos?

Heck yea! I've got multiple locations I like to use but if you have an idea I'm always down for trying something cool. You can see some examples in my wedding portfolio here.

Do you shoot digital or film?

Both! At a wedding I will shoot mainly digital but several of the portraits may be shot on film. If film wedding photography interests you let me know!

What do you wear?

Normally I dress like a guest, the best dressed guest. It's pretty easy to tell who the photographer is, I'm the guy with multiple cameras hanging off of him.

I'm uncomfortable in front of a camera, what can we do about that?

Me too! That's why I'm behind it :) Seriously, it's my job to guide you and I will have multiple suggestions to hopefully help you through the process. Just remember it's completely normal to feel that way.

How many photographs can we expect?

That really depends on the length of your event and what is happening during that time. We can discuss your wedding specifically. I do not guarantee a certain amount of images per hour for several reasons. Contact me to find out why.

Do you offer albums, prints and other cool stuff?

Absolutely! Wedding albums are an important part of telling the story for years to come, prints also.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, of course! I even have backup equipment for the backup equipment. If something can fail, it will and it will happen at the worst possible time.

Do you travel?

Yes I do. I have traveled for several weddings. I'd love to hear what you have in mind.

Do you have backup for my photos?

All of my cameras write to 2 memory cards simultaneously and one copy stays tethered to me during the event. I keep all images backed up on multiple hard drives and on a cloud backup service. I also keep a backup drive in another location across town. Your images are of the utmost importance to me.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I carry full Liability Insurance under my legal company, Swell Studio LLC. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

Why are you called Swell Studio?

When first starting out on my own as a photographer I called my little tiny operation Windline Media for the first year. Later I started working under my name Brian M Miller but come to find out there are several other working photographers in Florida with the same name and clients had started getting us confused. Using my middle inital wasn't enough to distinguish me from others. Last year I decided to go back to my original idea and rebrand myself. I hired We Are Charette to help me with the rebrand and they were amazing. Swell Studio means so many things to me; I grew up in the 80's and love 80'isms, I love the ocean & waves, I love a positive message. Totally.