Fitness Photography in St Augustine at GOHQ

Since I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer (like right now) and to keep myself from becoming stiff I frequent a local gym owned by a friend called Go Headquarters or GOHQ for short. Having been a regular there for almost 2 years I’ve done over 150 classes and frequent the open gym during the week. I really like the people and have made many friends there. It’s not Crossfit or straight up weightlifting, I like to call it “functional mobility training”. Whatever you want to call it, it works for me. I’m not huge or ripped but I work my cardio and strength to it’s limits quite often. How that relates to making photographs? I’m not sure… but it keeps me motivated. Fitness Photography is a ton of fun for me.

On several occasions this year I came into the gym and shot the trainers doing their thing. I’ve always been a fan of shooting things you know and this is something I’m familiar with. Here are some images from those sessions at GOHQ.